5 things I liked this (last two) week(s) – 11.8.17

Apologies for my absence last week (I know I posted the review for To Kill a President but that had been scheduled a few days in advance, for what I had thought would be a gap in blog posts), I do not recommend getting stomach flu 5 1/2 weeks post surgery on your abdominal area, nope, it’s not good. Anyway, I’m on the mend now, just a little woolly limbed still, although I do feel more like I’m 3 or 4 weeks post surgery now instead of actually nearly 7 weeks. Anyway, when you’re laid up sick, funnily enough it’s quite hard to find things that you like but here’s a collection from the last two weeks.

  1. Poor K (my husband) managed to coincide his pre-booked annual leave just in time for me getting sick, so he hasn’t been able to do quite as much lazing around as he had hoped but he’s been a complete star.
  2. Oh my goodness, last week’s Game of Thrones! It was amazing full stop but what I always like about things like that, particularly that big battle scene at the end, is how much love and passion that must have been put into making it. I have no idea what it must be like working on Game of Thrones but I can’t imagine that it would be quite as good as it is, if it was a horrible place to work and just to watch that amount of hard work and creativity, felt amazing.
  3. I’ve been reading a lot recently, in part due to being laid up but also because I’m just trying to read more, as a replacement activity for trying to get myself off social media. I am way, way behind for my book reviews for this blog but a quick summary of what I’ve been reading and loving; The Guggenheim Mystery (the sequel to The London Eye Mystery), The Bedlam Stacks (Natasha Pulley’s second book, I was in absolute book love with her first, The Watchmaker of Filigree Street and The Bedlam Stacks didn’t ignite quite that level of passion in me but it is still an absolutely beautiful book, if you can, buy it in hardback, it’s a beautiful thing to hold, with its cutout cover and gorgeous typeface and Pulley’s language is the sort of thing you want to linger over, not flick to the next page on your e-reader) and finally, more books from the Matthew Bartholomew series (I had faltered on book 9, which was a bit samey and was going to give the series a bit of a break but when you’re feeling a bit poorly there is something comforting about familiar characters, so I went on to book 10, The Hand of Justice, and I am so glad that I did because it’s a much stronger book and I raced through it).
  4. I finished watching Top of the Lake: China Girl (you can boxset it on iPlayer), I didn’t think it was as strong as the original Top of the Lake but I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Moss and I still loved it (plus it filled, temporarily, The Handmaid’s hole in my life).
  5. Both K and I have had some positive news coverage in our respective jobs recently, mine was very small and I only played a very small part in it but it was nice to get some praise internally from my managers! K’s news coverage was a bit bigger and definitely well deserved.

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