On the menu – flavoured water

It has officially been too bloody hot and definitely too bloody hot to do any proper cooking, so not a proper ‘on the menu’ this week (and there were things I wanted to make *sob* and I won’t be able to cook next week *double sob*).

I’ve been massively craving rosemary, so I’ve been living off my favourite pasta, a bastardised version of this Nigella dish (I add rosemary and chilli flakes to the mix, which is more reminiscent of a pasta dish I once ate in New York with a fellow Gillian Anderson fan, in a restaurant chosen because, apparently, Anderson once worked there). I’ve also been eating quite a lot of rosemary and sea salt ciabatta. And (to get to the flavoured water bit), drinking rosemary water (I have, I should point out, a seemingly endless supply of rosemary in my garden).

There are probably lengthier, slightly more fancy recipes online for rosemary water than this, but I just take a bottle or glass of sparkling water, stick a sprig of rosemary in it, then ta-da, drink it (not the actual rosemary sprig though, obviously). It’s very refreshing it, although possibly something for hardcore rosemary fans only. Another variation of my ‘raid my garden for a herb and stick it in a bottle of sparkling water’ method, is mint, this is especially gorgeous if you then partially freeze the bottle (take a little bit of the water out first though, as it will expand when frozen and go everywhere). A bottle of partially frozen mint water was the only thing that got me through an extremely hot school concert recently.

If you search Pinterest there are loads and loads of flavoured water recipes out there, there are a lot of the recipes pinned on my food board at the moment, if you want to take a look.

I think that I’ll be trying cucumber and lemon next.

(The photo at the top, by the way, is from Pexels)

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