Section 2 and a bit of the Capital Ring

Section 2 starts at Falconwood, it’s quite a short section, only 6km, so when I hit the end at Grove Park, I carried on and did a bit of section 3, up to the first turning in Beckenham Place Park, I then carried on and walked to Beckenham Hill station, although looking at it, if I’d had a bit more energy and I wasn’t melting into a sweat soaked heap, walking on through the park and then going on to Beckenham Junction would have been better because that’s where I had to end up getting a bus to anyway. The total walk, including a detour to Sainsburys (FLUIDS!) was 12.6km, which is almost the full distance of section 3 and I’d deliberately walked on into section 3 because I was a bit wary of my ability to handle section 3’s full distance, so I wanted to make the next time I hit the Ring a bit easier. And all this on definitely my hottest section yet (it was hitting 30C).

Anyway, whereas all my Capital Ring posts so far have included lots and lots of photos, on this walk I took a grand total of two snaps and one of them wasn’t very good, so the photo above is the only one I have to show for it, taken in quite a nice bit of section 2 which had a nice view over the city (and bonus horses, there were quite a few horses on this section). As for the rest of section 2 and the bit of section 3 that I walked, it was quite pretty in places, there were some bits of ancient woodland, hanging on in there, sandwiched between buildings and the glimpse of Eltham Palace that I caught over the wall and between heavy foliage looked lovely but there wasn’t anything really that made me want to stop and take a photo.

So, unless my op gets moved again, this is my last Capital Ring walk until at least the Autumn, I’m booked up from now until the op date and even if I recover quickly, due to engineering work, catching a train around my neck of the woods is going to be tricky and it’s not exactly easy getting to these walks as it is (it took me two buses and three trains just to get back from Beckenham Hill!).

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