5 things I liked this week – 16.6.17

  1. Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who, I will so miss him when he leaves the series.
  2. Discovering tebirkes, although the bakery where I bought one from called them copenhageners. They’re Danish pastries with a liberal coating of poppy seeds (hmm, wonder why I like them?) and a faintly marzipanish filling. When I devoured mine on the tube, I frantically searched online for a recipe for ‘copenhageners’ to make my own because after all, that’s what the bakery had called them but I couldn’t find a thing and it was only by googling some more general terms did I discover that the rest of the world called them tebirkes. Making my own pastry feels a little bit daunting but these are definitely on my to make list.
  3. I have an odd phobia, escalators, the level of my phobia varies over time, depending on what else is going on in my life (if life is stressful my escalator phobia will increase) and how regularly I’m forced to confront escalators in my daily life (when I used to commute daily on the tube, I was a lot more on top of my phobia). I don’t like any escalators but down escalators are the worst, particularly down escalators in shopping centres (down escalators on the tube have a longer lead up before the drop – which is the bit that, at the root of it, scares me and they tend to be slower). When my phobia is at it’s worst, I’m hesitant about even going on up escalators, when it’s better I will still do anything to avoid down escalators in shopping centres etc. but I can handle both up and down tube escalators. At the moment my phobia is pretty bad, so getting about on the tube is a bit tricky. I’m lucky in that my nearest tube line is the District Line which is a mainly surface level line, so no escalators on that (or maybe unlucky, if my nearest tube line was an actually underground tube line and I had to go on escalators a lot more often, then my tolerance would have built up) but once I’m in Central London, things can get a bit more tricky. So why was this a ‘good thing’ this week? I had two things to do in London, the first thing I could get to via the District Line, so that was good, the second thing though, if I had got to it by tube, it would have meant lots of escalators. So (and every cloud has a silver lining, etc. etc. etc.) as I had quite a bit of time between the two things, I walked. My route took me through the back streets of Knightsbridge (which was definitely the nicest bit of the walk), along Piccadilly (not so nice, very busy), via a detour to Covent Garden, then up Tottenham Court Road and a browse in a nice bookshop. So yes, I do really need to get on top of the whole escalator thing, if I’d used the tube to get from A to B I would have had time to do something else in between but actually, there wasn’t particularly anything else I wanted to do in London that day, I enjoy walking, seeing bits of London I don’t normally see and it was good exercise, so it was definitely a good thing.
  4. American Gods and The Handmaid’s Tale are still brilliant.
  5. Reading lots of good books; I’m still working my way through Stephen Fry’s complete reading of Sherlock Holmes on Audible (I’ve just started Hound of the Baskervilles) and Fry’s reading is just so relaxing, I’ve also started reading The Handmaid’s Tale and The Power, both good.

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