On the menu – mostly quick food


That foaming didn’t look that appetising …

My cooking mojo has slightly left me this week, so quick food is the name of the game. I saw this recipe for chicken noodle soup on Pinterest, I adapted it slightly, mixing some chicken stock with the miso (could that have been what caused the foaming?) and topping with linseed. And it was okay, well, it was edible, I know that there are some absolutely delicious super quick, minimal ingredient recipes out there, you don’t have to slave in the kitchen for hours with a shopping list as long as your arm for something to taste really good but this recipe, nope, it was just okay. I think what didn’t help my enthusiasm about this dish is that it reminded me of an early Jamie Oliver chicken noodle thing and now that was delicious (I’ve had a quick look to see if I can see it online and I can’t unfortunately).


My day job is in social media, I work for a variety of clients and by good fortune, all my clients at the moment are in the food sector (yay). I was just finishing a shift, the other day and I spotted a short Twitter video about pizza quesadillas and I just had to try them. Unfortunately, I now can’t find whose video it was (it wasn’t a client’s), there are loads of pizza quesadilla recipes out there if you search Twitter, so sorry pizza quesadilla person for not name checking you but it’s basically (and I presume you know how to make a quesadilla) a filling of tomato pesto, cheese, pepper and spring onion and it is delicious, it was a hit with both kids, as well as me. Sorry no photo, it was eaten too quickly!

For the record though, the best quesadilla recipe ever is sweet chilli sauce, parma ham, basil and cheese, I know that sounds a bit odd but trust me. It was from a show in either the late 90s or early noughties, I can’t remember, called (I think) The Best, or something like that and it was a bunch of cooks competing to cook / make the best sandwich, pie, etc. etc. It was an extremely short lived show which is shame because I remember loving it and it is so something that they should remake.



After my attempt at making Vampiro juice, I did end up going out and getting a Nutribullet and ooh I haven’t regretted it! My kids are now drinking even more smoothies and the Nutribullet blends things up so much more quickly and smoothly and it washes up a lot more easily than my blender. I think it’s particularly genius from Nutribullet, to include several different cups with the kit, as I’m a lazy so and so and if I need to use something but it’s waiting to go in the dishwasher, I’m unlikely to wash it up by hand, I just won’t use it (you do have to wash the blades by hand, but that’s really easy), so having multiple cups means I can make loads of smoothies before switching the dishwasher on! (I should point out, after all my oohing and ahhing over the Nutribullet, that this is not a sponsored post, it’s just my new favourite piece of kitchen kit).

Anyway, I’ve been mainly making random smoothies from the random contents of my kitchen (we are getting through so many bananas) but I thought that I’d go back to Thomasina Mier’s Home Cook and try another one of her drinks recipes. This one is Berry and Oat Super Smoothie, I used blackberries for this and it was nice but I think strawberries would have been nicer, as they would have gone with the yoghurt in the drink more. It could have done with a little bit more oats too, as the amount barely warrants the inclusion of oats in the title. I am not a massive fan of yoghurt in smoothies but yoghurt is really good for you, so I persist.



Yes, I have a thing for poppy seeds. These are Marmalade and Poppy Seed Muffins from Thomasina Miers Home Cook, minus the extra marmalade topping, as I prefer my muffins uniced; slightly less calories and they keep for longer. Anyway, these are in the breakfast chapter and I don’t normally see muffins as particularly breakfasty but these are, the marmalade makes them quite bitter, so I can imagine these with a good cup of coffee to wake you up for the day ahead. With their bitterness though, I don’t think they’re going to be a massive hit with the rest of the family.


I am trying to improve my protein intake, problem is, I’m not a big fan of meat and even less of a fan of cooking it. I get very paranoid that I’ve cooked it properly (now that, ladies and gentlemen can be linked directly to me watching my mum cook as a child and it seems too ingrained to shake it off). Anyway, I thought the tandoori chicken recipe in Home Cook looked nice enough, so I thought I’d give it a go. And it was okay but I really, ugh, I’m almost thinking of actually properly becoming a vegetarian but I know that bacon would tempt me off the path.

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