5 things I liked this week – 2.6.17

1. Accidentally finding a lovely bit of the Thames Path.
2. Eating breakfast outside.


3. The Handmaid’s Tale started this week on TV and it was sooo good (and so scarily relevant).
4.  We went to the Shard this week, it was okay, we only went because it was a kids go free week, as I’ve always thought the Shard to be shockingly expensive for what it is. Yes, the views were stunning but you can get similar views from elsewhere in London for free, okay not quite as high up but still pretty high. My favourite is Sky Garden, you do have to prebook for that but it also comes with a lovely garden and a rather nice cafe. Anyway, the lifts at the Shard were impressive, so quick! And a big thumbs up to the gentleman manning the lifts on the way down, he encouraged us to go and check out the toilets, as it was part of the experience!


5. Z hadn’t been too keen to be dragged out to the Shard, so he was bribed with the promise of the really nice doughnuts from nearby Borough Market and ooh they are nice!


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