5 things I liked this week – 26.5.17

  1. The poppy seed bread I made on Saturday, the poppy seed bread I made on Thursday was also good but the bread I made on Saturday, using a poolish and following the recipe in the Gail’s Bakery book was divine.
  2. Doing the next stage of the Capital Ring.
  3. The display of Alliums, in front of the Temperate House at Kew.
  4. It may sound a little nerdy but The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway is really good, I’d enjoyed the previous series, so it’s good to see it back on. It’s absolutely fascinating to see how they’re squeezing a whole new railway into overcrowded London, how they’ve constructed the new Whitechapel station in particular (it ‘floats’ over the old one) was really interesting and a bit nail biting too, you had to feel for the engineers as they tried to squeeze great big hunks of metal past already existing buildings. Also interesting was how, as the line just passes just 17 metres underneath a concert hall at the Barbican (which itself is underground), they’ve had to install special floating rails in that section, so that there is no noise.
  5. The next Susanna Gregory audiobook came out this week, yay! They’ve had a massive re-release / new audiobook narrator, to celebrate (I think) 20 years of the Matthew Bartholomew series and they’ve been releasing audiobooks, in order, roughly every two weeks, which is not quick enough for me, lol! I tend to finish a Matthew Bartholomew book in about a week, by a combination of reading it / listening to the audio, so I’ve been reading the latest one to be released, An Order for Death for a few days before the audiobook was released. I know I could just read the books but the narrator for these is really good and it means I can get a lot more Bartholomew time in whilst listening and doing the chores at the same time.

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