Sneak peek – WIP gardening

I’ve been doing a bit of gardening recently, on consultation with my gardening guru (aka my dad), I’m concentrating on pretty much just herbs, I’ve only a small garden, the soil is a bit rubbish and it can be an oven of a sun trap (I am also not a very good gardener). Anyway, this is still very much a work in progress, the big job I want to do is to finally put edging on the borders, so they look a bit messy at the moment. Anyway, in tubs I’m growing a selection of salad leaves from Rocket Gardens (and all bar the rocket, is growing very quickly at the moment), I also have garlic chives in the tubs, ditto from Rocket Gardens. In the smaller pots, I have a supermarket chilli plant, trying to keep warm by the back door (it’s not dead yet), a supermarket thyme (thriving), lemon thyme and chives from Kew Gardens, marjoram from Petersham Nurseries and welsh onions from Manor Farm Herbs. In the back bed, I have some wild garlic (bought off Amazon), which is dying off a bit now, chamomile (from Rocket), rosemary (from Petersham Nurseries), jasmine (I know, not a herb, also from Amazon), a climbing rose (planted a few years ago), curry plant, hyssop and ‘cola’ plant (the latter three all from Manor Farm again).

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