5 things I liked this week – 12.5.17

1. Successfully making sourdough.

2. American Gods (as in the TV series) is soooo good.



Making tiny hexies for a pincushion.

4. A trip to Camden (I haven’t been for donkey’s years)


5. I’m still working my way through Couch to 5k (again) and now I’m on longer distances, I’m back to running in Richmond Park, which (a) is brilliant anyway but (b) I had a particularly nice run this week, as I was doing a 0.4km run, 0.4km walk and so on and so on run and my last 0.4km run happened just to coincide with going down Kingston Hill, oh it was bliss! As I’d run through each 0.4km running segment, I was sounding and moving more and more like an old man who smokes 40 a day but that last segment down that hill, it was like a glimpse of what running will hopefully be like if I keep at it.

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