On the menu – sourdough attempt 2


My first attempt at sourdough did not go well, so this time, still using the same starter, I followed the method in James Morton’s book, Brilliant Bread and oh it was so, so much better. Whereas the method in Modern Baker is a certain folding technique, with James Morton it’s a good long knead, the dough was still fairly wet but after the knead it was much, much more manageable and more like an actual dough rather than some slop. The two proving stages took pretty much all day too but the result, sigh, when I could finally try some, at 10.30pm that night (bit too late normally for me to eat but I couldn’t resist), I literally dancing in the kitchen it tasted that good.


The loaf didn’t last until the end of Tuesday but we did have some toasted for breakfast that day and ooh, talk about toast at another level!

Anyway, now that I’ve successfully made a sourdough loaf, I want more! I’m going to continue to use the starter I made from Modern Baker and there are loads of different varieties I want to try from there too (Modern Baker has a lot more sourdough recipes than Brilliant Bread) but I think I will still keep using James Morton’s technique.

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