5 things I liked this week – 5.5.17

1. Making sourdough.

2. OriginalPhoto-515320379.005697
A gorgeous walk in Richmond Park, I am very into Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing) at the moment.

3. OriginalPhoto-515333948.549334

I planted some wild garlic, a week or so ago. There are so many wild garlic recipes that I would like to try but I have some time (possibly years) before I manage to grow enough to make some wild garlic pesto. When the wild garlic arrived, I dutifully planted it but I wasn’t totally convinced it would survive, as it was floppy on the soil for a good few days but it’s flowering now and although some of the plants still look a little worse for wear, others are looking a lot more buoyant. They even smell, ever so faintly, of garlic now, although to get the proper hit, I would need a lot more plants.

4. IMG_9444

Another nice walk in Richmond Park, in a sea of dried grass.

5. The NHS.

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