5 things I liked this week – 21.4.17

1. Doctor Who is back! I loved the first episode, who wouldn’t love the Doctor as their university lecturer?

2. Going to Kew Gardens for an Easter picnic

3. Spring has sprung and I’m thinking about trying to tame my garden, again (it hasn’t been that bad, all our gardens in this block are massively overlooked and *ahem* our garden isn’t as bad as some of our neighbours gardens, yes I admit, I’m keeping up with the Jones). On consultation with my gardening guru (aka my dad), we think just devoting the garden to 99% herbs would be the best idea, I already have a fairly successful record with herbs, as herbs seems to quite like my poor soil, sun trap garden and don’t seem to care about my lack of gardening skills.

So, I’ve been plant shopping, plant shopping isn’t the easiest thing to do round my neck of the woods, particularly if you don’t drive, which I don’t. When I plant shop normally I’ll go online at Rocket Gardens or stock up on plants when I’m visiting Kew and I’ve bought plants from both, recently. However, that still hasn’t been enough herb plants for me, so I thought I might as well go and check out Petersham Nurseries.

Petersham Nurseries isn’t that far from me, a shortish walk through Richmond Park or a quick hop on the bus but in all the years I’ve lived in this area, this was only the second time I’ve visited. You see (and this says more about my inferiority complex than Petersham Nurseries), Petersham Nurseries is extremely posh, I remember reading once that Madonna was partial to a visit and, I don’t know, it says more about me, I know, that I’m reluctant to go, their prices are a little on the pricey side but they’re not that bad (and everything in London is on the pricey side).

Anyway, it was a gloriously sunny day and I was passing by on the bus, on the way home from an appointment in central London and I thought, why not? Petersham Nurseries is a little hidden from the windy narrow road that passes through Petersham (a road that is probably the curse of bus drivers everywhere), you have to jump off the bus and find your way (it is signposted) down a little lane which goes past a lovely little old church and then, I kid you not, considering this is London, farm fields with cows, it is extremely pretty, particularly on a sunny day. And once you’re in Petersham Nurseries itself, well, the prettiness gets ramped up a notch, think gorgeous old greenhouses and rows upon rows of gorgeous, flowering plants. There’s a lovely shop bit too, full of stuff you didn’t know you needed but you so want now, you know, that sort of place. I’ve never been in the cafe or restaurant but it looks gorgeous, with a seated area outside under a plant strewn pergola and a gorgeous tinkling fountain. Anyway, I found my herbs, the lady at the till was lovely and charming (I had to wait a little, as she was on the phone, patiently answering a novice gardener’s question about fertiliser) and I was very happy with my purchase. I will have to squash my lack of confidence and go again someday.

4. Somebody who doesn’t lack confidence is S, who was in her second Shakespeare play this week (not counting the mash up play of pretty much all the Shakespeare plays she was in when she was in primary school, where she played a witch). It was lovely seeing her perform.

5. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, well, being away from my kitchen the week before, visiting my family, has made me, even more, appreciate my kitchen this week. My eating habits are a bit different from my wider family and to be honest within my immediate family too, my family, are, umm, great believers in supermarket convenience food, whereas I prefer cooking stuff from scratch if I can. I also don’t eat anywhere near as much meat as they do (although proper Welsh bacon from the butcher’s shop is very nice). So, it’s lovely being back in control of the food I’m eating again!


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