On the menu – Easter food



I made hot cross buns, using this recipe from Mary Berry. I’ve made hot cross buns before, with dubious success but these were lovely, so my new go to hot cross bun recipe.



We went to Kew Gardens for Easter Sunday and had a picnic lunch. This was the ‘sandwich’, a picnic loaf based on this recipe. My picnic loaf was only for four, so I overdid it a bit when preparing the pepper and courgette for this and I couldn’t fit it all in, I also had to skip the salad and the cold meats but this was lovely. (I know, the photo makes it just like a sandwich, which it isn’t, follow the recipe link for a better idea of what a picnic loaf should actually look like).



This was a ‘using things up’ dish, I roughly followed along to My Suburban Kitchen’s Easy Lemon Garlic Pasta (I wasn’t particularly paying attention to amounts, more trusting my instinct …. and my tastes, as I was just making this for me). I used up some of the lemons that I had bought for the hot cross buns and some of the spinach that I had bought for the picnic loaf, which I didn’t end up using because I couldn’t fit it in. I also used some homemade, chunky pangrattato (which wasn’t in the recipe), which I had made from the inside of the cob loaf that I had used for the picnic loaf, which was a nice addition to the dish (I made the pangrattato as I was making the picnic loaf, I simply mixed the chunks of torn bread with a little olive oil and garlic powder and grilled them – watch the grill closely if you do this though, they burn in the blink of an eye). Anyway, the whole thing was absolutely lovely and I think it may become a new go to whenever I have lemons in the kitchen. I think this is a very adaptable recipe too, switch the spinach for basil or toss in some toasted pine nuts, there are lots of things you could do.

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