On the menu – more revisiting

I haven’t cooked any new recipes this week but I have finally sorted out my kitchen appliance cupboard (I have a cupboard with my food mixer, blender and processor in, which was a complete mess, in part because I also had some old bits of blender and processor from a previous appliance that no longer worked and as, unfortunately, all my appliances are the same brand, I had been having trouble telling which bit is old food appliance and which bit is new food appliance, so I had to get everything out and see what fitted what and chuck the old bits away), so I could finally use my blender again, yay! Z is a big homemade smoothie fan, so we’ve been making smoothies. The one in the photo is 150 ml apple juice with 40g frozen raspberries and 40g frozen blueberries, it’s more a slushie than a smoothie but that’s good.

Also, this week, I’ve revisited James Norton’s banana bread (initially blogged here on my old blog) and I’ve made Jane Brocket’s fruit cake again (initially blogged way back in 2008 here). The banana bread was …… okay, when I first made it back in 2015 (!), I quite liked it because, unlike some healthier versions of banana bread out there, this one actually tasted nice due to the distinctly unhealthy butter and sugar in it and that is why I remembered the recipe when looking for a banana bread recipe to bake this week, however, I guess tastes change because now I found the recipe too sweet. As for the fruit cake, it’s all wrapped up and taunting me, as it’s being saved for later (the cake keeps well). The recipe for the fruit cake is from Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer, which is sadly out of print now but I highly recommend people looking out for in second-hand book shops etc. if anything for the fruit cake recipe alone but the whole book (a collection of recipes inspired by childhood books) is pretty good.

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