5 things I liked this week – 7.4.17

  1. Finishing some embroidery and starting on a new project.
  2. The kids being on school holiday.
  3. Finding a new bakery in town, this attracted my kids to the window like magnets and ooh their dough balls were good (not dough balls as in Pizza Express type dough balls, no, they were little miniature doughnuts, coated in sugar and heavily flavoured with vanilla and so light and airy it was like biting into clouds).
  4. Getting to go to The Magic Garden again, as it’s reopened again for the summer season, never has a kids play area been so relaxing.
  5. After seeing the artificial fog at Ten Days, Six Nights last week, I was very pleased to hear that they were extending the fog part of it for the school holidays (guaranteed kid pleasing no brainer that), so I took the kids along to see that, which of course they loved and we also took Z up to the top of the new bit, as he hadn’t seen it yet.


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