Ten Days, Six Nights


I needed to pop into central London today for a blood test and I didn’t want to just go into London for something which, it turned out, took just 8 minutes (pretty much zero waiting, take note my local hospital), so I thought I’d also pop into Tate Modern to see Ten Days, Six Nights. Ten Days, Six Nights is a ‘live exhibition’, it’s not there for long (hence the title) and is ticketed for the evening performances but you can pop in during the day. When I went to have a look I walked through quite an exotic bar type area, it looked like just the sort of place if I were single and 20 years younger, I would have been really impressed with if I’d gone on a date there.


You can see the exhibitions during the day, obviously, but I think it probably really comes alive at night. Although this was the first thing I saw (which I’m not sure is part of Ten Days, Six Nights, it might be part of the Turbine Hall exhibition) and this was pretty lively as it was.

But back to Ten Days, Six Nights proper, there were several exhibition spaces set up.


(Not that noticeable but there are some live performers in the background of this photo 👆)

But what I had really come to see though was the fog by Fujiko Nakaya because I’m a big giant kid really.



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