On the menu – I need to maybe stick to buying Bountys



I’ve been craving coconut soaked in condensed milk; coconut ice would therefore be the obvious thing (just like my Grannie used to make) but no, I thought I’d go all fancy and make homemade Bounty bars. I’m not sure if Bounty bars are a global thing, I was surprised the recipe I found for them seems to be American, as I know as a general rule, UK sweets and chocolate are completely different from US sweets and chocolate but anyway, Bountys are coconut bars covered in milk chocolate and the aforementioned recipe is this one.

I decided to make half the amount as I’m the only person in the family who likes coconut unfortunately and that would be a lot of Bounty bars. The making them into bars bit went okay but even after freezing them for a little longer than suggested, they were still quite fragile, so a few broke apart when I tried coating them in the chocolate. Also, even when they weren’t falling apart, I found it difficult to coat the ends of the bars. And also, I didn’t have enough chocolate, I needed 200g (roughly) to make half the amount of Bounty bars in the recipe but I only had a 150g bar and I had thought even that would be a bit of a waste, with coconutty melted chocolate left over but no, I was left with two naked bars. So, what with two of the bars crumbling, I ended up with just two ‘Bountys’.

And the result? Hmmm, they were okay, the chocolate I used was a bit of a let down, I used cooking chocolate and it was a bit meh. Also, the coconut – condensed milk bliss I was after (you know, when you take a mouthful and you can suck all the condensed milk out of the coconut – okay, maybe that’s just me) didn’t really happen. So, this was a relatively expensive reminder as to why I don’t attempt to make my own confectionary. Chocolate (if you’re making something with chocolate in) is always a let down with homemade confectionary, unless you’re prepared to splash out with quite large quantities of good, proper chocolate (and cooking chocolate is expensive enough as it is). I should have perhaps just made that coconut ice but if I were to try something similar again, I think maybe rolling the coconut into balls and coating them with chocolate that way may work better, it may be something worth trying if I get too much chocolate at Easter.

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