5 things I liked this week – 17.3.17


I went for a really nice walk in Richmond Park on Monday, the weather was gorgeous and there was a spring in my step, so I managed to walk right across to the other side of the park and back, well sort of back, I ended up going the wrong direction and coming out at Richmond Gate instead (completely the wrong town), so I ended up getting the bus back the rest of the way.

2. The weather continued to be gorgeous, later on in the week, so lunch outside was in order.


3. I’ve been watching The Secrets of Your Food (catch it if you can on iPlayer), it’s the perfect blend of science, food, some gorgeous scenery and James Wong.

4. Finding a new series to love, which turns out to be a massive 22 books long (and a new one is about to come out, so 23); Susanna Gregory’s Matthew Bartholomew series, murder -mystery in 14th century Cambridge. I’m currently on book 2, I love finding book series like that to get into (although 23 books is much longer than the series I normally get into), as there isn’t any of that, ‘am I going to like this book? am I not going to like this book?’ getting into it that normally happens when I start a new book.

5. My kids are obviously ‘things I like’ every week but I have particularly liked Z’s glowing review at his parent consultation this week and S getting completely over excited about a new book series from one of her favourite authors and getting delayed star struck from meeting a famous pianist, who at the time, she didn’t know who he was.

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