On the menu – a mish-mash



Smarties flapjack from Tanya Bakes; this was nice, although me trying to cheat a little, as I didn’t have the right size tin, didn’t work too well, as putting it into one half of a bigger tin just meant that some of the sugary – buttery goodness leached out. Still, even with that, the flapjack seemed to stick together pretty well, too well perhaps, as even with greaseproof paper lining the tin, it’s quite hard to prise off. I like flapjack but I often find commercially made flapjack to be way too sweet and cloying, this though, was just right. I do think though, that maybe the smarties are more of a pain than an attraction, as they keep breaking and falling off.


I’m not a vegetarian, let alone a vegan but I’m not keen on too much meat, I’m not keen on the texture and it’s expensive if you want to try and stick to buying higher welfare meat (which I do) and too much meat is, as well as unhealthy for you, also unhealthy for the planet. So, I’m not adverse to vegan and vegetarian recipes or vegan or vegetarian meat alternatives (for example, I hate normal sausages but love veggie sausages), the only vegetarian product I don’t eat is Quorn, as that really disagrees with me for some reason. Anyway, I saw this recipe for vegan ‘pulled pork’ over on Minimalist Baker and I just had to try it as I’m often eyeing up actual pulled pork stuff, it looks nice, smells nice but I just know me, I know that I’d probably enjoy a few mouthfuls but a whole pulled pork bun would be too much, whereas this, I could devour. It’s basically green lentils and shredded carrot with barbeque sauce and some yummy spices. The recipe does suggest possibly blending some of the lentil – carrot mixture to get more of a pulled pork consistency but I wasn’t after that much authenticity¬†and I didn’t fancy digging my blender out, so I didn’t. Anyway, the result is absolutely gorgeous, it has that lovely junk food taste whilst actually being good for you, that’s the perfect combination!


Quite carb heavy but an attempt at a healthyish lunch

The square cheesy thing is a cheese and pancetta scone from Lorraine Pascale’s latest book, Bake. It was okay, a bit stodgy to be honest but I’m not the worlds greatest fan of scones and the kids seemed to really like them.



I really fancied little cupcakes with berries in, I’ve been fancying them all week in fact but what I’d been particularly fancying was a nice plate of homemade cupcakes with berries in, materialising in front of me, freshly made, straight away and without me having to make them first. Unfortunately, that did not happen, so I made them myself. They’re milk and blueberry bunnies from Bake Me A Cake As Fast As You Can and they’re nice, they certainly fit the bill of soft, sweet, buttery and berry filled, although they aren’t as nice as the best blueberry muffins in the world, which is an old recipe from an old Friends cookbook, which I didn’t make today as I didn’t have any buttermilk (sorry K).

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