On the menu – **** you TMJ

I’m back (at least for the moment) to eating reasonably normally again, my TMJ is currently not as bad as it can be, probably due to me being careful about what I’ve been eating for the last few weeks but whereas my jaw may be feeling better, the rest of me isn’t, trying to find soft food that isn’t risotto or soup has led me to choose some pretty unhealthy food choices recently and I’ve been paying for it.


Okay, yes, it’s soup but it’s really good soup.


It’s the spiced butternut squash soup from One Pound Meals and butternut squash really is the cheap food of the gods (again I used frozen butternut squash for this) as the soup came to 83p. It’s really quick and simple to make, well, quick in that it has very little hands on time but obviously you do have to wait around for the squash to roast. It’s very thick, which is just how I like my butternut squash soup and it has a lot of paprika, which is another big thumbs up.


Jamie Oliver tweeted this on Friday and I was in immediate food love.

(check out the link, unless you desperately don’t want pizza cravings that is)

Now I’d give almost anything to jump on the next plane to Naples (I’ve never been and so want to go) but that’s not going to happen, so I immediately googled pizza a portafoglio, the closest I got to a recipe is this (and unless you’re Italian, you’ll need to use Google translate) but basically it’s pizza, folded, then folded again.

Now, I don’t think this would work particularly well with a supermarket pizza with a frisbee base (although it would probably work with Pizza Express supermarket pizzas but there’s no chance of getting a whole one to yourself in this house), you need a pizza with a proper pizza base, ie thin and fairly pliable. And although I’ve had some successes with making my own pizzas recently, I wasn’t totally sure my homemade bases were pliable enough either, so I bought a pack of The Northern Dough Co.’s Original Pizza Dough (not sponsored, in case you’re wondering), as I’ve used that before with fairly good results. I was making pizzas for three and the pack comes with two balls of dough, enough to make two 12 inch pizzas, so I used two-thirds of a ball for each pizza. I made the kids’ pizzas first and remembered that I’m really rubbish at getting the dough into a circle (which obviously really helps when making pizza a portafoglio, so the kids ended up having their pizzas as conventional pizzas but I had a bit more luck with mine.


(Not the best photo but look at the steam curling up the side)

My pizza wasn’t big enough or thin enough to fold, then fold again but I at least managed one fold, so, okay, it’s more of a cheat’s calzone but ooh, it does something to the pizza. The pizza toppings, all sandwiched and mixed together, makes the cheese almost dissolve into the tomato, so you have a thick, unctuous, cheesy – tomatoey sauce, which is messy, lava hot and utterly, utterly gorgeous. This is not something that you can eat whilst checking out your phone, it requires, it deserves, your undivided, blissed out attention. I will have to continue to work on my pizza a portafoglio because I want more.



Chocolate chip shortbread from Tanya Bakes (with ‘just’ 100g of milk chocolate chips, instead of 75g milk chocolate and 75g white chocolate, it was more than enough). Nice but rustic looking (the mixture was very crumbly).

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