5 things I liked this week – 3.3.17

  1. The finale of Taboo was excellent.
  2. I read the excellent A Closed and Common Orbit (review will come eventually).
  3. It’s been a stressful week but K has been lovely at being the level head of the two of us.
  4. Z got into the secondary school of his choice, which is good, as it’s the only school we applied for but then again we do live really close and his sister already goes there, so it was a bit of a given.
  5. I have a job interview next week, for a position at a public institution I’ve never been to (sorry, being deliberately vague), anyway, I thought it would be good to have a look around before my interview, especially as my interview will be at a different location. Anyway, I’m fairly busy all week but I have one day free where I can go and have a look, so I get to the train station, I’m on the platform, I open Google Maps to double check the location and it turns out this particular public institution is closed today …. Now, as I had already swiped through the ticket barriers when I realised this, I didn’t want to waste the ticket price, so I hurriedly think of somewhere else I’d like to go to. I decide on Chelsea Physic Garden, as I’ve wanted to go there for years but never have, so I plug that into my journey planner and hop on the train. I then double check Chelsea Physic Garden’s website, it doesn’t open until 11 am and my journey planner is telling me I’ll get there for 10.18 am and I don’t fancy hanging around that long in the cold. So I search Google Maps for other things to do in the area whilst I wait, I spot the Saatchi Gallery, another place I’ve not yet got round to visiting , so I think “Okay then, I’ll pop in there first and then walk to the Chelsea Physic Garden”, so I plug that into my journey planner and it tells me I should change to the District Line at Wimbledon, oh, that would be the train station I’ve just passed then …. But still, I persevere, I can get off at Vauxhall and although it’d be a couple of tube changes, I can still get there. Except I get off at Vauxhall and really, really don’t fancy those tube changes, so I’m in Vauxhall, it’s blinking freezing (not really Chelsea Physic Garden weather, thinking about it), what do I do? Luckily, thanks to the power of advertising, I remembered seeing an ad on the side of a bus, for the Hockney exhibition at Tate Britain, so with relief, I thought, “I know, I’ll go to that” (it’s not that far from Vauxhall). And it was definitely worth it. I had a nice walk across the bridge and along the river and the exhibition was really good. I had thought I was fairly familiar with Hockney’s work but actually, it turns out that I only really knew a particular period of his (Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy, all his swimming pool stuff etc) and so it was lovely seeing how Hockney’s work has evolved. I particularly liked his work with photography and filmmaking (something I hadn’t realised he did), there were these great polaroid collages and this brilliant room where there were screens on all four walls showing slightly fragmented images of a wood, a wall for each season.

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