On the menu – pain de mie



I had a moment of “screw you TMJ” and made some bread, although if there’s any mitigating circumstances the kids ate far more of it than me (they loved it and gave me immediate instructions to make it again). The recipe is Pain De Mie from James Norton’s Brilliant Bread, also in my justification, it’s meant to be quite a soft bread, well, I guess the interior was but the crust wasn’t, but then again I did burn it a bit. Anyway, it’s an enriched dough with milk and honey and it is rather nice. It didn’t rise very much but my kitchen in winter isn’t the warmest of places. Norton’s description of the recipe says it’s really nice toasted with cheese and bacon and although I didn’t do that with the remains on the second day (Norton’s recipe makes two small loaves), although cheese and bacon toast would of course be delicious, I did toast it and yep, it took the bread to another level, it was gorgeous.

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