Written in Bones

Written in Bones (Inspector McLean, #7)Written in Bones by James Oswald

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The seventh book in the Inspector McLean series, a series that I’m very fond of as it’s Scottish and although it’s a crime series, it has a subtle touch of the supernatural. I also really like the old familiar characters. In this one, the murder victim is dropped, gruesomely into a tree and the police have no idea how he got there. The victim is the head of a drugs charity and he has a past history with the Edinburgh police. I raced through this and it was really enjoyable but I do have one criticism; the book ends with that tired old crime novel trope of the hero basically walking right into the villain’s lair alone and it does seem to be a bit of an obvious device to bring the story to a close. To the author’s credit, the scenes afterwards do have a lot of people telling McLean that he’s an idiot and one character does sort of give a valid reason why McLean did it but somehow I think that McLean, along with the heroes of many other detective stories, will continue to willingly walk into villains traps alone.

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My book inspiration piece for this book was inspired directly by the book cover, I need practice drawing trees.

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