5 things I liked this week – 24.2.17

  1. As I write we’re at the tail end of Storm Doris but the weather earlier this week was gorgeous, I actually sat outside and ate lunch, it was like a little teaser for spring and now it’s full blown winter again.
  2. Getting quite a bit of craft time in, my TMJ has been bad and it helps distract from the pain, I’ve made good progress on a cross stitch and my diamond hex EPP quilt.
  3. I’ve been reading / listening to some really good books too (I don’t do this all the time but I often like to add Audible narration to my Kindle purchase, so I can switch between reading and listening, I listen whilst crafting and like to read when on the bus or in the bath or when cooking or late at night when K is already in bed). This week I’ve read 13 Minutes, which was absolutely excellent (review coming later) and I’m currently reading A Closed and Common Orbit, which is brilliant but has been temporarily abandoned because Written In Bones has just come out and that’s one of the few crime series I still follow slavishly and I’ve been excited about it coming out for weeks.
  4. Taboo is getting sooo good and Fortitude is still absolutely brilliant.
  5. Daffodils, around my neck of the wood, always come out early (about a month earlier than at my dad’s, who lives out in the country and so doesn’t have the benefits of a city microclimate), anyway, when getting off the bus this week I spotted the first flowering daffodil of the season and it has since been joined by a few more (and are currently probably being blown to pieces) but ooh I love seeing any signs of spring.

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