On the menu – proper food, pleeease

Not a proper ‘on the menu’ this week, my TMJ has been particularly bad this week, so I’ve been living off risotto, mashed potato and yoghurt, pleeease jaw, I would just like to be able to chew stuff! I can’t see my diet particularly improving over at least the next two weeks, so if ‘on the menu’ is MIA over the next month, that is probably why.

Anyway, when I do ‘on the menu’, I normally just blog about recipes that I haven’t cooked before, now obviously I do cook recipes more than once and when I do they often quickly become morphed into heavily adapted dishes which only have a passing resemblance to the original ingredients and method but that’s how a lot of cooking evolves I guess.  Anyway, as I didn’t cook anything new this week (but I have cooked a lot of risotto, unsurprisingly), I thought I’d mention some of the recipes I have been making recently.

  • Nigella Lawson’s cheddar cheese risotto – heavily adapted but still rib stickingly gorgeous, I just make a basic risotto and add cheddar at the end.
  • One Pound Meals butternut squash risotto, which I originally cooked here, when I originally followed the recipe, I had the issue of cold butternut squash chunks, this time I added all the butternut squash as I cooked the risotto and it was lovely, all thick and orange and paprika-y and luscious.
  • One Pound Meals butternut squash pasta, which I originally cooked here, this time I added rosemary to the butternut as it was roasting and it was lovely.
  • And (multiple times), my own creation of tomato, pesto and pancetta risotto, which is basically a basic risotto, with the pancetta added alongside the onion at the beginning, passata stirred in 5 minutes before the end and pesto stirred in right at the end.

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