Sneak peak – making progress on the Farrah top

I am not a very skilled knitter; I can do scarves, patchwork blanket squares, hats and I’ve just about mastered ribbing. Part of me would love to knit a jumper but it’s a big investment in materials, particularly for something I am not that confident about my skills on. But I’m continuing to try and improve my knit-ability and I’ve been working on the Farrah top, since, ummm, last summer, okay there’s been a lot of mainly off then on again but I am finally making progress and I’ve got to the bit where I have to shape the neckline and the armholes, something I’ve never done before. And so far it seems to be going okay, since I took the photo above, midweek, I’ve completed one strap and I’m working on the second. Now that the piece looks more like an actual piece of clothing, I’ve (1) spotted two hopefully minor mistakes and am (2) still not convinced that the finished product is actually going to fit me, however at least with that I have the benefit of a teenage daughter, who is definitely more of the same sort of shape as the models on the Wool and the Gang site.

Random memory whilst writing this – when I was a teenager and my school uniform wasn’t as heavily branded as my kids’ school uniform is today, i.e. as long as my school jumper was navy blue and a v-neck it could be any navy blue, v-neck jumper, no logos involved, I got one of my distant aged relatives to knit me a school jumper, I remember being so excited about that. All my older relatives were totally bemused because they all remembered when going to school in something hand knitted was nowhere near as nice as going to school in something that your mum bought in a shop, as that meant you were more ‘well off’. It was a lovely school jumper.

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