Robot Zoo and the Horniman Museum


We went to the Horniman Museum today, principally to see their current Robot Zoo exhibition but also just to have a look around, as none of us had ever been before.


The Robot Zoo exhibition was basically using robot animals to demonstrate various principals of biology. It was ….. interesting but a bit gimmicky and more aimed at the under 10s I’d say, there’s another big robot exhibition on at the moment at the Science Museum and I couldn’t help but think that might have been better to see, with actual ‘more proper’ robots.

We had a look around the aquarium, which was quite nice.


And we had a look around the main displays.


The museum also has some gardens and although obviously not at their best in February, the view was pretty good.


And there were some animals.


I can imagine that if you have small kids and you live local-ish, the Horniman Museum is probably fantastic to have on your doorstep but for us, it’s definitely a ‘been there, done that, ticked off the list’ sort of thing.


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