5 things I liked this week – 3.2.17

  1. Going to see the Lockwood Kipling exhibition at the V&A. I particularly liked the massive screens showing footage swooping over India and learning about Lockwood Kipling’s relationship with his son, Rudyard Kipling.
  2. Embroidery thread being back in my local department store! Anchor embroidery thread disappeared from branches of John Lewis across the country a few months ago and although I had already been buying most of my embroidery thread online, as it’s cheaper and I was beginning to prefer DMC over Anchor anyway, it was just nice having somewhere where I could actually go and get embroidery thread if I wanted to. I know, I know, it’s people like me buying their stuff online, that actually stops things being sold in actual shops, if people stop buying in the aforementioned actual shops, they’re going to stop stocking the stuff. But oh it’s nice that that embroidery thread carousel is back and even better, it’s DMC thread this time! I think I probably will still bulk buy my embroidery thread online for specific projects but it’s excellent to know that there’s somewhere I can go, locally, if I run out of a colour or if I just fancy being like a kid in a sweet shop and just randomly picking some skeins.
  3. Miguel Barclay’s One Pound Meals book is brilliant, I’ve had so much fun cooking from it this week. I forgot to mention yesterday, in my post about it, that you can get some of his recipes online, as he’s on Instagram and YouTube.
  4. An understanding, clued up GP.
  5. I’ve been walking in Richmond Park for well over ten years now and I’ve known for a long time that there were two types of deer in the park but I had, after years and years of not particularly noticing anything different about any of the deer, always assumed that the two deer types looked pretty similar to each other, as I could never tell the difference. That was until a walk this week, I came across a group of deer by the path and I thought “hang on, their antlers look different!”, it was a group of fallow deer, the deer I normally see in the park are red deer, so there you go, they do look different and either fallow deer don’t normally hang round the same bits of Richmond Park I hang round in (it is a big park and I normally walk in the south bit) or I’ve just spent ten plus years being not that observant. (Okay, reading this, fallow deer are slightly less common in the park but only very slightly, I think looking at pictures now, I have seen fallow deer in the park before, they’re the ones that look more like Bambi but I am pretty sure I haven’t seen three year plus bucks before, as that’s when their antlers start to look different from red deer antlers).


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