5 things I liked this week – 27.1.17

1. Going out for a family meal at Byron’s, which is an odd thing to like, as I don’t like burgers and I couldn’t eat one of their chicken burgers at the time, as my TMJ was really bad (I ended up having a side of macaroni cheese) but it was just nice to get out as a family. Also, their cheese and bacon topped fries are really nice.


2. Getting out for a lovely foggy, frosty walk in Richmond Park, well, I enjoyed it at the time but afterwards, the cold I thought I was recovering from came back tenfold and I had to spend the rest of the week recovering from it.


3. Lisa Congdon’s Creativebug Creative Boot Camp has been particularly good this week, with lots of inspiration and exercises and has pretty much been the only thing keeping me sane, as I’ve been cooped up indoors with this cold.


4. Another thing that has been keeping me sane is the very excellent ‘The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet’ by Becky Chambers. I finished it this week and there will be a review once I’ve done my ‘creative inspiration’ piece to go alongside it.


5. Two favourite TV shows started new seasons this week; Homeland and Fortitude, everyone knows Homeland, I know, but if you haven’t heard of Fortitude, check it out, if you like creepy / bit gory stuff and maybe check it out even if you don’t like creepy / a bit gory stuff because I don’t normally (you will never, ever get me watching a horror movie) but Fortitude is different because it’s, I don’t know, clever with it, the gore and the creepiness is necessary to the plot and it is quite an original storyline, about a frozen island off Norway, where, personally, if I lived there with all that crazy stuff happening, I’d have moved off it, a long time ago.


And ooh look, it’s got Dennis Quaid on a boat too (image Evening Standard)


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