5 things I liked this week – 20.1.17

  1. La La Land! Oh I so absolutely loved it!* For once my TMJ was hurting because I was smiling too much! I loved the songs, the dancing, the music, the cinematography and oh the clothes.
  2. Finding a dentist I actually like. I had a really good dentist for years, he was so lovely I even recommended two friends to him, one a dentist-phobe, and they both agreed he was lovely too, he had a rare quality amongst dentists, in that he obviously missed the ‘how to be patronising’ class in dental school. Anyway, he left the dental practice last October *sob* and the replacement dentist was horrible! Anyway, my dental practice has two dentists, so I switched appointments to the other one and he’s much nicer (still not up there with my favourite dentist ever though) so phew! Although unfortunately, due perhaps to the disparity of niceness between the two dentists at the practice, you can virtually get a same day appointment with the dentist I don’t like, whereas it’s a 5-6 week wait to get an appointment with the dentist I do like.
  3. It’s a struggle to find 5 things I liked this week (except for La La Land, which is all out adoration). It’s cold, I have to wait 6 weeks to get some dental work completed, my TMJ is through the roof and I’m waiting on two NHS letters which haven’t arrived yet (whereas I get one NHS letter telling me to choose and book for an appointment I already had and another NHS letter for an appointment I didn’t even know I was due to have). However, it always pays to look at the bright side and although it is currently ****ing freezing, at least it’s sunny, I had been forgetting what the sun looked like. Also considering the recent news that 2016 was the hottest year on record and as much as I really don’t like the cold, maybe I’d be more worried if this winter was a mild winter.
  4. S got her dance show DVD (from her show before Christmas) and she was very impressed that a photo of one of the dance routines she was in, was used as the DVD menu background. There is a tiny bit of me that is quite pleased too, as in the photo the girls are wearing the costumes I made and the photo makes the costumes look quite good (they are quite good, I am definitely up there in the list of my worst critics).
  5. Ummm (really rooting round here), mustard yellow. I think I may have mentioned mustard yellow in 5 things before (over on my old blog) but it really is a lovely colour. I have a mustard yellow blanket scarf (ooh look, it’s on sale) that I bought from UniQlo earlier this month and I live in it, heck I sleep in it sometimes, in a desperate attempt to keep warm. Mustard yellow goes with everything, particularly dark blue I think and as most of my clothes are dark blue, pretty much all my wardrobe then.

* Donald Trump has really put me off using exclamation marks, actually I think he’s the final straw (possibly) for my personal use of the exclamation mark because I’m always having to be really careful when I use the exclamation mark at work anyway (I work in social media), normally if I write something that is about to go out to the world, I re-read it (always a very good idea that) and amongst other things, I tend to remove half or perhaps all of the exclamation marks. It’s a Sad (!™️) world where exclamation marks no longer feel appropriate.

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