On the menu – B is for baking


More baking from Miranda Gore Browne’s Bake Me A Cake As Fast As You Can, this week. First up was her brownie recipe, chosen because my go to recipe for brownies is in an actual book (*shock*) – one of the Great British Bake Off ones – and I was only struck with the urge to make brownies once in the supermarket, so I had to find a brownie recipe in one of my ebooks on my phone and Gore Browne’s recipe won out. The result was okay, not as nice as my go to recipe, in my opinion, and they were a bit overcooked, which is more my fault than anything but my oven tends to underbake stuff, so I always leave stuff in for the longest recommended time . . . . and then have to add at least another ten minutes onto that but this time the brownies actually cooked more quickly weirdly. Anyway, the kids liked them, whereas I was actually quite glad to see them go, there is such a thing as too many brownies it seems.


Another Miranda Gore Browne recipe, banana bread, excuse the lack of photo, banana bread looks, well, like banana bread. Again it was okay, this time my oven was back to consistently under-baking, so I had to add about 25 minutes to the cooking time (!) but that really says a lot about my oven and not the recipe, the result, once actually cooked was fine but, well, nothing too much to write home about.

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