Sneak peak – more Lisa Congdon inspiration

I’m still working through Lisa Congdon’s creative boot camp over on Creativebug. This week has been about colour, particularly about the effect of muting various colours with white. The piece above was inspired by her work.

The creative boot camp has been perfect timing for, what for me, is a really difficult time of year to work, as I hate the lack of light that winter brings and having something to follow along to has really helped. You get occasional bursts of sunshine, even in England, for example, when I was painting the watercolour circle background, the light was okay but by the time it was dry, the light was so dismal I was having trouble seeing some of the pen on the darker circles. Lisa’s exercise for this week was painting colour chips and then choosing your favourites to create a collage, I’ve done the collage (which I quite like) but finding the right combination of time to do it and reasonable enough light was blinking difficult and I spent much of the time looking at the chips and thinking “well I could choose the colours now but as soon as the sun actually comes out, they’re going to look completely different”. And don’t get me started on choosing embroidery thread colours in this light…

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