5 things I liked this week – 30.12.16

  1. Cooking with S, okay, she was doing most of it.
  2. A walk in Richmond Park with the family.
  3. K got me the Sleep Plus + Pillow Spray from This Works, okay this was because I’d left the brochure on his desk covered in not subtle post it notes a few weeks ago but ooh it’s rather good. It’s a lavender spray but I think they must have done something to it because whilst it obviously smells strongly when you first spray it on your pillow, the smell does wear off overnight but then, when you turn your head as you sleep, it creates a whole new waft of lavender which is instantly lovely and you go back to sleep again instead of possibly starting to toss and turn.
  4. Z made everyone lovely handmade, highly personalised Christmas cards, with his own unique sense of humour, mine had my Pinterest followers finally hitting 10k (I’m at about 9.5k followers at the moment and he’s watching my follower count far more eagerly than I am) and someone in the family getting a dog for Christmas (he hates dogs).
  5. Charlie Brooker’s 2016 Wipe and Cunk on Christmas straight after on TV, both were brilliantly funny or in the case of 2016 Wipe, bitterly funny.

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