On the menu – zoodles, yes I know



I bought a spiraliser quite a while back, I did use it quite a bit in the beginning but god they’re a fuss to use, so it quickly started gathering dust in its box. But this recipe I found on Pinterest looked quite good, so I thought I’d give it ago. I used the recipe more as an inspiration, rather than following it out right, as I was making this just for me, so smaller amounts, plus I unfortunately didn’t have the required sesame seeds (now that would have been nice), so to add some protein I used pancetta instead, I also added garlic, because garlic…

The resulting dish is nice, it was interesting spiralising the onion, I hadn’t thought about spiralising that particular vegetable before. Although you don’t get very long spirals with onion (at least with my spiraliser) it did add a bit more flavour to the zoodles. If you didn’t add pancetta though, this is very much a side dish and to be honest, even with pancetta, this was a light lunch.

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