The Wraiths of War

The Wraiths of War (Obsidian Heart #3)The Wraiths of War by Mark Morris

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Wraiths of War is the third part of the Wolves of London trilogy by Mark Morris. If you’re tempted by the trilogy, definitely read the first one first because it’s a bit of a long, convoluted story and you definitely need to start at the beginning! To summarise the general gist of the whole trilogy, it’s about a man with an obsidian heart that can time travel. His life, as with anyone who can time travel probably, isn’t that smooth, put it that way. In the final book, The Wraiths of War, there are a lot of loose ends being tied up. It has lengthy bits set around the First World War and I found those bits to be particularly good, definitely some of the most graphic and intense descriptions of life in the trenches that I’ve read in a while. There is a particularly gruesome bit involving a dead soldier in a shell hole, I will so no more about that for fear of spoilers. The bits away from the First World War weren’t quite as gripping and like I say, there’s a lot of ends to be tied up, so it’s a bit bitty. I also guessed one of the reveals at the end, so a bit of an anti-climax there. But still, I’m glad that I read the series.

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This book gave me the inspiration to get my sketching pencils out. Despite my scientific background, I’m not very good at drawing anatomical stuff, so had to use this tutorial from Wikihow.

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