Sneak peak – hand lettering practice

(My sneak peak photos, I suspect, are always going to be bad in the winter because I spend my entire time creating in bad light)

Creativity has been a bit bleurgh this week. I’m still working on the zakka embroidery from last week but my tolerance for stitching in just one colour isn’t that long, it turns out. I have a couple of things in the pipeline for the shop but I need to stock up on embroidery floss for those, so need to wait for pay day. So, I’ve been practicing my hand lettering using a book that has been in my kindle library for a while, The Botanical Hand-Lettering Workbook by Bethany Robertson. The book is lovely, although obviously the whole having it on your kindle (app) means the whole workbook bit of it is a bit redundant, so I’ve been downloading school kids handwriting practice blanks to practice on instead.

Although yes, there’s an Amazon link in this post, I’m not organised enough to set up an affiliate account for this blog.

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