5 things I liked this week – 9.12.16

1. A really nice frosty walk through Richmond Park. A particular highlight was when, walking along a path, the sun so low, I literally couldn’t see ahead of me, the glare so bright, I walk into the shadow of a tree and there ahead of me, on one side of the path was a group of deer and there on the other side, waiting to cross, wary of all the humans who had suddenly stopped to admire them / stay a safe distance away, were three beautiful stags. There was one particularly stunning stag at the front of this little group of three, with the other two clearly his lieutenants. He stopped stared at us all for a moment and then bounded across the path with his wing men to join his ladies.

2. The latest season of Humans is coming to it’s climax and it’s getting really good!

3. I am currently reading The Wraiths of War, the third book in the Obsidian Heart series and ooh it’s good! You know that lovely feeling when you start a book and you’re 100% into it straight away, I love that!

4. A nice parents consultation evening for S.

5. A lovely thank you present from the dance school principal for the choir robes (I still need to grab a photo of S wearing hers, so I can properly blog about them).


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