5 things I liked this week – 2.12.16

  1. Watching Z’s school assembly.
  2. Going for a nice long Autumnal walk in Richmond Park (11.9km, that’s the longest I’ve walked since my op last summer!).
  3. An extremely chatty guard over the tannoy on my very delayed train, yes, him repeating, at length, over and over again, in great detail, why the train was delayed was getting rather annoying whilst stuck still in Waterloo but once the train finally started moving, the train guard would come over the tannoy at each stop and give the passengers so much detail about each stop, he’d obviously, at some point, travelled the entire route, getting off at each stop and taken comprehensive notes! And although I would have much preferred not being on an overcrowded, delayed train, it’s always a pleasure to see (or hear) someone who obviously really loves their job.
  4. S had a fantastic trip to see a West End musical, courtesy of her school and it was lovely to see that she so enjoyed it, even if she’s now singing all the songs at the top of her voice, all the time…
  5. I live in the Richmond Park constituency and we had a by-election this week and I am extremely happy about who won.

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