On the menu – it’s not a healthy week when all my food photos are white



I’m still cooking from Pinterest, although I have a feeling that will end soonish because I’ve noticed that I don’t tend to pin the healthiest of recipes. Anyway, on Tuesday I made ‘Homemade Chicken Rice-A-Roni‘, I gather from the blog post over on Plain Chicken that Rice-A-Roni is a thing you can buy in a packet over in the States, we don’t have it here in the UK. For those that don’t know what Rice-A-Roni is either, it’s rice and pasta, broken vermicelli to be precise. Reading the blog post, this stuff sounded gorgeous, buttery, garlicky and carby, a holy trio if ever there was one and the result was ….. okay. I think the quality of your chicken stock can make or break this dish and my chicken stock turned out to be not that actually chickeny, which definitely didn’t help. It was nice but a bit stodgy and I seem to have an inbuilt healthy eating thing in my head these days (although that inbuilt healthy eating thing in my head seems to have a manufacturer’s fault where chocolate is concerned) and I couldn’t enjoy it that much because of the stodginess. However if you want some comfort food, if you use a better chicken stock than I obviously did, this would probably be right up your street.



Hmmm, more white food. This is pasta with homemade alfredo sauce. Alfredo sauce isn’t really a thing in the UK either, although it’s a bit more of a thing than the aforementioned Rice-A-Roni, I think you can get it in restaurants, I’ve certainly not seen it in the supermarket though. Anyway, this is basically pasta sauce with four different kinds of fat in it, I was just making it for one (i.e. me), so I used the recipe over on The Recipe Critic as more of a guide, rather than following it precisely, it’s basically butter, cream, cream cheese and parmesan with some garlic and spices, I’m trying to think of it as a calcium boost. Anyway, the result was nice but again darn you inbuilt healthy eating thing. Again though, this recipe would score high on the comfort eating scale.

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