5 things I liked this week – 25/11/16

  1. We went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and it was, well, fantastic! And it was such a thrill to hear those first few bars of the Harry Potter theme and the similar style opening credits, at the start of the movie. I thought Eddie Redmayne was fantastic, I really want to now cut my hair into a short bob and go round in those lovely period clothes and ooh the beasts were amazing.
  2. I had more appointments in London and some time to kill and some errands to run, so I walked instead of catching the tube to a lot of my destinations. It was particularly lovely walking past the university area near Euston Square station, as I did my Masters at Birkbeck and it bought back a lot of fond memories. Plus, I’d been cooped up at home for ages working on the choir robes, so it was just nice to get out!
  3. I’ve almost finished the aforementioned choir robes, I took them to the dance class to fit them this week and although they were all too long (deliberately so, as the heights vary a lot in that class, so in my pattern I had in mind the tallest girls, knowing that I could lop off the excess on the robes of the shortest girls) and they still needed hemming, they practiced with them and they looked amazing! That sounds a bit big headed of me but I’ve been working on those choir robes for weeks and I could point out every single flaw in them but once on and they’re dancing in them, they look fine and it was such a relief!
  4. I’ve been listening to the Audible full length version of Dracula this week, they have different actors reading for each character and they are really good. Dracula was one of my favourite books as a teenager and one of the few books I happily reread but listening to it as an audiobook added an extra layer of pleasure.
  5. I love the Rivers of London series, the books are fantastic to read but the audiobooks are even better, the narrator, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith is perfect as Peter Grant, he does the character perfectly. My husband K, reads the books too but is not really an audiobook person like me but he’s caught snatches of Holdbrook-Smith narrating the books and K says when he reads the books now, it’s Holdbrook-Smith’s voice he hears in his head. Anyway, the book’s been out for a week or two now, K family-shared the ebook with me on our Kindle apps and although part of me has been desperate to start reading it, I held on for the audiobook release, which was this week, just so I could have maximum audiobook enjoyment, so it’s so good to be able to start listening to it!

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