On the menu – butternut squash and cheese fest

One of my favourite social media vices is Pinterest, you can find my boards here (they are my old Lacer’s Life boards, I had thought about creating a separate account for Brighter Industries but well, I’ve got quite a lot of followers on my Lacer’s Life Pinterest account, so). Anyway, one of the things I like pinning is recipes but l don’t often cook from them, so I thought I’d change that, so at least for the next few weeks, I’m cooking from Pinterest …..



One of the things I like about pinning food on Pinterest, is that it’s like a giant recipe book with just your favourite foods, so consequently there are quite a few butternut squash recipes on my Food board and there are quite a few pasta recipes on my Food board and well, this marries both of them up perfectly! An old recipe from Delicious magazine, this was pretty nice because, well, you can’t go wrong with butternut squash, pine nuts and parmesan cheese, well in my opinion anyway.



My ‘day job’ is in social media, I’ve done social media for lots of different things but at the moment the sort of social media I do seems mostly pretty food based and at the moment cheese toasties come up a lot. I dare anyone to read hours of comments about cheese toasties not to really want one. Anyway, I found a particularly nice looking recipe on Pinterest and well, used it as inspiration, as the actual recipe goes as far as skinning your own jalapeños and I wasn’t going to do that, I got mine from a jar, I also had to swap Mexican cheese for cheddar cheese but ooh it was nice! It’s basically a cheese toastie with bacon (I used Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference bacon for this and was pleasantly surprised, as the rashers were lovely and thick) and jalapeños, you also spread a layer of cream cheese in the sandwich too. I wasn’t totally convinced about the cream cheese, I thought it might just be unnecessary calories because after all, cheese is already in there but ooh, the cream cheese works, it creates a bit of a saucy vibe with the bacon juices. Anyway, this was lovely and as with anything with jalapeños in, it made me really want a beer.



More butternut squash and cheese or should a say a natural progression to the dish I made on Sunday, as it used up my left over ingredients. This is Garlic Parmesan Roasted Butternut Squash (although be warned, the site I got this recipe off, has just this moment developed an annoying case of pop ups you can’t click out of), it’s basically just butternut squash roasted with butter and garlic and some herbs (the recipe says parsley but I didn’t have any, so I used basil), with parmesan cheese melted on top at the end, so not the healthiest way to eat butternut squash but ooh it was good!

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