Tailor’s Ham

With all the choir robes I’m making at the moment, I ideally needed a tailor’s ham to make the yokes of the robes look half way presentable and although not hideously expensive in the shops, they are a lot to cheaper to make yourself, so I did! (For those that have no idea what a tailor’s ham is, they’re used when you’re ironing curves, like collars and bust darts, don’t worry I didn’t know what one was either until I saw them on Great British Sewing Bee). I followed a guest tutorial on Tilly and the Buttons, from Victory Patterns and it was pretty simple and quite fun to make (although I got sawdust everywhere). I added a ribbon to hang it up by, although it looks a bit lopsided now, I think I’ve put the ribbon in on the side, rather than the top, oh well!


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