Christmas gift tag DIY

If you stitch up all the motifs in the Brighter Industries Xmas A to Z, one of those motifs will be ‘spare’. I stitched up the UK version, which has F for Father Christmas and S for sweets but if you stitch up the US version, F is for fireplace and S is for Santa and I still wanted to stitch up that fireplace! So I stitched the fireplace on a separate piece of evenweave and made it up into a gift tag. You could use the gift tag as a decoration on a present for an extra special someone or you could use it as a tree decoration.

The gift tag is really easy to make, once you have your completed cross stitch, using this template 👉 brighter-industries-gift-tag (which should fit most of the motifs but it’s worth double checking and it’s quite easy to draft your own template if necessary), cut the fabric around the cross stitch to shape. Cut a matching piece of backing fabric (I used velvet, although velvet isn’t the easiest thing to sew with, you could use a nice Christmasy fabric instead) and your ribbon to the length you would like (depending on what you would like to use xmas-tag-2your tag for). Rolling your ribbon up into a tight roll, sandwich it between your cross stitch and the backing fabric, right sides together, with a little bit of ribbon poking out of the top, pin together, making sure that the ribbon isn’t in danger of being caught somewhere where it shouldn’t be.

With a 1cm seam allowance, stitch around the outside of your shape, xmas-tag-3starting just before the bottom left hand corner and finishing just after the bottom right hand corner, so that you have a gap for turning. Turn your gift tag the right way round, finger press the turning gap closed and then top stitch around the edge, this will close the gap.

I decided to make a gift tag out of my spare motif but by using a similar method and just changing the shape to a circle or an oval and maybe adding a little toy stuffing in between the two layers before top stitching the turning gap closed, you could make lots of different shapes of tree ornaments.


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