5 things I liked this week – 11.11.16

1. My copy of Zakka Embroidery by Yumiko Higuchi arrived. I’d been eyeing it obsessively on Amazon for months and the book is as good as I thought it would be, I can’t wait to stitch from it, I will review it properly then.

2. I haven’t had much chance to go for walks recently but I managed to grab one on the first properly frosty morning of this Autumn and Richmond Park looked gorgeous.

3. I’ve been having a go at fabric printing and it’s fun!


4. I have a long term health issue that has unfortunately made me a connoisseur of London hospitals, as I see rather a lot of them. My ‘issue’ requires me to see lots of different specialities and I had been having difficulties for months and months seeing a consultant I was actually happy with in one of those specialities, to such an extent where I had basically told one consultant in this speciality that I was not happy being his patient anymore and then got dropped from the list of another consultant in the same speciality at another hospital due to waiting list pressures, so I was basically having no care in this speciality whatsoever. Meanwhile I was having to make repeated visits to my GP going “I’m not being treated in ‘x speciality’ anymore, can you refer me to see the specialist at y hospital please” (I’d done some research and the specialist at y hospital was widely said to be very good) and my GP each time would look at me blankly and go “Aren’t you still a patient with x speciality at z hospital?” and each time I’d go “No, they dropped me off the list” but they never listened and I never got referred. Well, luckily my repeated obstinacy with my GP finally paid off and I did get referred to see the specialist that I had heard was very good, I saw her this week and she is indeed lovely and more importantly, knowledgeable and I now have a treatment plan, yay!

5. I try to make the best of having to traipse into central London for multiple hospital appointments by using it as an excuse to regularly visit the nice stuff around the hospital, before or after my appointments, so going to a new hospital means new nice stuff and this new hospital happens to be not that far from Liberty (insert cheesy grin here). I popped in to have a look after my appointment this week, met this guy at the entrance.


Which made me smile, as I have a soft spot for The Nutcracker as it’s the first ‘proper’ ballet that me and Girl Lacer ‘saw’ together (lots of ” as me and Girl Lacer have seen amateur ballet before and when I say ‘saw’ it was ‘only’ a live broadcast at the cinema, it was still pretty special though). The Nutcracker also happens to be *cough* one of my motifs in my Xmas A to Z (sorry, *blush*, I promise not to link to my shop in 5 things every week!).

I also got to see the Christmas lights at Oxford Circus and I can officially say it was the first time I felt Christmasy this year.


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