A proper introduction

Well, Brighter Industries introduced itself to the world yesterday with the Xmas A to Z pattern but today, I thought I’d introduce you properly to this blog. Some people may know me from when I was blogging over at Lacer’s Life, I’ve retired Lacer’s Life (which is actually a little bit sad, as I’ve been blogging there since, I think, about 2005) and I will be bringing some of the things I used to do over there, here. So let me introduce you to the Brighter Industries blog categories, as it will give you an idea about what to expect.

Shop talk – pretty obvious, these are posts where I’ll be talking about stuff that’s in (or is about to go in) the shop, as well as general business-y / bloggy stuff.

DIY –  craft tutorials

It’s a big ol’ crafty world – just because I’m designing my own stuff now, I’d hate to think that I’d never get a chance to stitch up another designer’s pattern, so in this category I will be showing stuff I’ve created from other people’s patterns. I may also be reviewing some craft books.

Canteen – I like to cook, particularly baking, although I never have enough time. Over on Lacer’s Life I used to do weekly round ups of what I’ve been cooking and I will continue doing the same here.

Book club (of one) – I will also be continuing my book reviews, although I have thought of a crafty twist to this, so watch this space ….

Factory outings – it can be good to get out, so I will be continuing to blog about my adventures out and about.

Life – and finally a random, catch all sort of category.

I am hoping to blog at least 2 or 3 times a week, this schedule may change a bit but currently I have planned:

Thursdays – On the menu – my aforementioned weekly cooking round up, directly transplanted from Lacer’s Life, this is very dependent on whether I’ve actually cooked!

Fridays – 5 things I liked this week – also directly transplanted from Lacer’s Life.

Sundays – Sneak peak – a weekly sneaky peak on a crafty project I’ve been working on, the place to spot possible future Brighter Industries products.

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