Xmas A to Z Cross Stitch Pattern


Welcome to Brighter Industries! You can read more about us or should I say me, Jo Stafferton (but they always say to talk about yourself as a company in the plural don’t they?) over in the about section and there’s a more general introductory, bloggy type post coming tomorrow but today I wanted to introduce Brighter Industries’ first ever pattern! Just (by the skin of it’s teeth) in time for Christmas, it’s an A to Z of Christmas in cross stitch form! Although it looks great all stitched up together, if you’re pressed for time, also stitching just one or two motifs would look great too, a number of the motifs (such as the mistletoe) take less than an hour to stitch and many more can be stitched up in under two hours, so great for last minute presents.

xmas-a-to-z-5 The pattern comes in two versions, an English-centric version and a US-centric version, as I’m aware that the big guy himself comes under many aliases! So in the English-centric version, he is of course under F for Father Christmas. In the US-centric version, he is under S for Santa. In the US version F is a nice festive fireplace and in the UK version S is some yummy Christmas sweets. If you purchase this pattern, you automatically will get both versions, so if you’re in the UK (or anywhere else for that matter), there is nothing to stop you stitching that fireplace or those sweets if you’re in the US.



Of course, I realise that there are some other things / words in both versions of the pattern that are quite ‘English’, with nothing more English than the Queen’s Speech. But also I realise that what we here in the UK call jumpers (there’s a rather fetching Christmas jumper in both versions), our cousins overseas call sweaters, so my apologies for that!


The motifs vary in complexity, some of them are pretty easy and suitable for a beginner (there’s also a cross stitch how to included in the purchase), such as the present and the xylophone. Whereas other motifs are a bit more of a challenge, such as the ice skates, with their backstitching (also described in the included cross stitch how to), there’s even some optional beading with some of the motifs (if you don’t want to include beads, you could use french knots instead).



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